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[Gamzee] Go help Scarpetta

In hindsight, you should probably not go out in your current condition. You are still sore from the bullets. But if a fellow dealer is in trouble, you’re gonna do your damn best to save them. You grab your coat and head out to the first graveyard you can think of, praying that she’s there. You get there and immediately hide behind some crates. Sure enough, there are patrolmen swarming the place. She’s gotta be here. You have to think fast. You need to create a distraction. 

Luckily the odds are in your favor. A junkie stumbles down the alley. You roll a vial of zydrate towards them and then cup your hands over your mouth. “GRAVEROBBER ON THE PREMISES” You yell. All lights go onto the very confused junkie holding the zydrate needle in his hand. He starts to run and the patrol follows him. You slide out from behind the crate and sprint into the graveyard as the alarms start to go off. You find her and grab her arm, hauling her up. “we gotta run, move!” And you start running, still holding her arm. 

The patrol doesn’t catch on until you are already rounding the corner down another alley and you are making a very roundabout path through the city just so they can’t follow you.